A complete fitness club, hotel or home gym, a private wellness area. We will create a design for you for any space tailored to your needs. Get advice from our design team. You can count on our experience: we have already designed and equipped dozens of gyms, we have also have designed gyms in Europe, Asia and Africa, and we know which solutions work best.

We will create a design together with a proposal for the optimum selection and placement of equipment. We will adjust the number of equipment to the area of the gym, we will help you choose the right assortment, we will divide the gym into zones, we will also plan the reception area and the changing room. Visualisations are presented in 2D and 3D projections with any camera configuration, e.g. an aerial view and an animated tour of the club, i.e. a virtual walk through the future club.

We tailor everything individually to your needs and possibilities.

We prepare a visualisation based on the dimensions of the room/rooms. We insert equipment from a previously prepared list into the design and create zones.

We take care of the coherence between the interior and the furnishings. We choose the right colour for each project: the colour of the walls, floors, doors, windows, plants, decorations, posters and, above all, the equipment and its personalisation. Modern equipment and a motivating atmosphere can encourage people to be physically active and join the club.

In the cardio zone, we place equipment such as treadmills, bikes, orbiters, stair climbers, steppers, rowers or ‘skiers’. Next, we create a strength and function area. Depending on its size, we can insert multifunctional equipment or more machines with a stack (dual-function equipment limits the amount of space needed for it). We also add benches, a rack of dumbbells, grips and weights. It is also a good idea to set up a chill zone with a roll massager, stretch mats and body roll accessories. Mirrors and a suitable sports floor will also be essential. If your venue has an extra room, you may be tempted to include a couple of spinning bikes, a projector and a sound system.

What can be personalised?

We give you a wide range of options. The same machine in different colours is unrecognisable. You give us a colour from the RAL palette and you can be sure that your machines will relate to your interior design or club colours. We paint both metal and plastic components. Our state-of-the-art paint shop has almost unlimited possibilities. You can also choose the colour and texture of the upholstery, as well as the colour of the thread. A great idea is to embroider your logo or slogan on the upholstered elements.

Contact us, we will be happy to advise you.