We provide service during and after the warranty period

We also offer assistance to customers who posses third party machines.
We provide periodical technical check-ups in strength and cardio machines services.

Value your time and reaction, and you will gain double appreciation in the eyes of your customers

We react within 24 h from the call, if it is possible – we support you remotely. Our experienced service engineers will guide your step by step through a simple repair or the settings.

At the guarantee service you pay only for the travelling costs, you will be informed of every additional costs to confirm.

Service offer

We perform service, inspection, maintenance, regeneration, assembly of fitness equipment and sell spare parts.

We deal with:

• regeneration of mechanical subassemblies: shafts, axles, rollers, moving parts, mechanical connections,
• repair of engines, engine control modules, regeneration of electric and electronic components, including servo systems for eliptical trainers, bicycles, etc.,
• replacement of consumables: tops (running boards), bearings, belts for treadmills, supports, chains, cables, etc.,
• exchange of upholstery with the possibility of its personalization: choice of colours, textures, thread colours, embroidering your logo or other graphics,
• visual restoration of equipment,
• grinding, painting,
• gluing plastics,
• equipment assembly.

4 reasons to do regular technical inspections

(At least twice a yer)

1 They help to detect and prevent faults.

2 Maintenance prolongs the life of the equipment.

3 We have a special offer for periodic inspections.

4 In addition, the tips given and a standard self-inspection and maintenance checklist prepared for your Team will minimise repair expenses.

We service

We service your equipment both during and after the warranty period.

We regenerate

Giving them a new life. Our original 10-step process changes used equipment beyond recognition.

We assembly

On-site assembly of equipment, whether purchased from us or from another company.

We sale spare parts

Spare parts of all popular brands.

Scope of maintenance work

Check what we replace in each machine


  • Adjusting the tension of the running belt,
  • Lubrication of the belt and running platform,
  • Inspection of bearings,
  • Dusting of electronic components,
  • Levelling,
  • Verification of console settings.

Eliptical trainer

  • Checking the condition of the drive belts,
  • Adjusting the belts,
  • Dusting off electronic components,
  • Elimination of play in pedals,
  • Battery check,
  • Bearings check,
  • Verification of console settings.


  • Checking the condition of the drive belts,
  • Elimination of play in pedals,
  • Battery check,
  • Alternator check,
  • Bearings check,
  • Verification of console settings.

Spinning bike

  • Transmission system check,
  • Testing/adjustment of braking system,
  • Check of handlebar/seat locks,
  • Chain adjustment,
  • Elimination of backlash.


  • Checking the condition of belts and chains,
  • Adjustment of belts tension,
  • Dusting of electronic components,
  • Elimination of play in pedals,
  • Battery check,
  • Alternator check,
  • Bearings check.

Power machine

  • Checking cables and belts tension,
  • Lubrication of moving parts,
  • Elimination of backlash,
  • Checking the condition of guide rails,
  • Inspection of bearings,
  • Upholstery check.

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The more information the faster the diagnosis. The pictures presenting the failure will help, our engineers will assess the range of the issue. When it comes to the operational issues, a short footage will help, we assess the type of a sound it makes (or the repetitiveness), we may observe the movement trajectory, we check its correctness.

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    We service equipment of the best brands

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    Looking for parts to replace yourself?

    We have parts available on an ongoing basis, at an attractive price


    We sell among others 🛒

    ⚙️ treadmill belts and boards,

    ⚙️ treadmill pads,

    ⚙️ drive belts,

    ⚙️ plastic covers,

    ⚙️ motors,

    ⚙️ inverters,

    ⚙️ steel cables,

    ⚙️ guide rollers,

    ⚙️ stacking pins,

    ⚙️ actuators,

    ⚙️ upholstery,

    ⚙️ treadle lubricants.



    If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, write to us boldly, we will help:

    ➡️  serwis@fitnessclub24.pl

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