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NPG FreeRunner treadmill

€3,199.00 VAT excluded
€3,934.77 tax incl.
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Extraordinary bestseller!
Free-run treadmill NPG FreeRunner – beautiful design, innovative device.


Free-run treadmill NPG FREERUNNER - best seller in great price!

Free-run treadmill NPG FreeRunner – beautiful design, innovative device.

A treadmill NPG FreeRunner is the best choice for runners, competitors, as well for all those who value the highest level of security of running. The equipment has already gained its popularity both in CrossFit boxes as well as in fitness clubs and professional gyms.

To improve the treadmill quality the latest technology has been used. It is equipped with free-run energy saving drive – no more wires and power supply. The exercise comfort while practicing is incomparably better!

The simplicity is additional value. User monitors the treadmill running speed while using the treadmill including start and stop. The running speed as well as the body position towards the curved rolling surface of the treadmill induce the training intensivity. Due to the curving of the treadmill, you may run in the central part to run faster or at the back to run slower. The treadmill moves in one direction, only, for the user safety. Thanks to this it is easy to get on and get off the treadmill at its back.

The intuitive display presents personalised training aim (time, distance, speed, calories). Durable, anti slip treadmill belt surface increases comfort, safety, allows you to test your capabilities, and reduces any service maintenance costs. The treadmill NPG FreeRunner is equipped with small wheels for more convenient relocation.

Innovative technology and unique comfort

High quality materials as well as the unique design connection guarantees dynamics presion with 100% of safety. No need to set any parameters make the running even more enjoyable. Additionally, drive system used in the device provides quiet work of the device. The reduction of the undesirable noise let you focus on the training itself.

The "banana" is the cute name of the curve and allows you to move naturally. The lesser joints load increases every training efficiency. The treadmill NPG FreeRunner supports even the harshest training conditions.

The treadmill NPG FreeRunner is the perfect answer both for the beginners as well as for the advanced sport people.

Why you should buy the treadmill NPG FreeRunner?

  • It is equipped with simple and user friendly panel.
  • It is powered by the strength of muscles.
  • The shape and the running balet have been scientifically designed.
  • No need to power supply.
  • The treadmill belt is made of anti slip and durable material.
  • Mobility – simple and easy relocation thanks to the wheels.

Get ahead of the competition – equip your gym with NPG FreeRunner now!

We are the exclusive distributor of NPG equipment for Poland.

Data sheet

Type of device
L x W x H
170 x 78.5 x 163 cm
Product weight
121 kg
Max. user weight
180 kg
time, speed, distance, calorie burning
Running surface size
43.2 x 164 cm
Package dimensions and weight
180 x 85 x 60, 146,85 kg