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NPG ROLL J1 Infrared massager

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NPG ROLL - professional infrared massager. Excellent massage device that helps in the elimination of cellulite, reduces fat tissue, improves blood circulation, and at the same time perfectly relaxes.


NPG ROLL J1- a professional infrared massager!

Excellent massage device that helps in the elimination of cellulite, reduces fat tissue, improves blood circulation, and at the same time perfectly relaxes.
In the massager set, there is a chair and a platform that facilitate massage of various body parts like buttocks, thighs, abdomen, etc.

A massager is an ideal solution for people who do not have time to do tedious exercises to improve their appearance.

The main purpose of roll-massaging is primarily to lose weight and obtain a slim figure. In addition to the slimming effect, roll massage also works perfectly as a device fighting cellulite and stretch marks. In addition, the machine is also used to rehabilitate bone injuries, i.e. fractures and sprains.

The effect of deep infrared radiation is the release of the body from unwanted surplus fat, toxic compounds, and water, which are the cause of the formation of the "orange peel". Due to the double depth of penetration into the cellulite sites, combined with 10 times increased heating of these tissues, infrared therapy is much more effective than any conventional method.


It has therapeutic and care properties. Infrared radiation improves blood circulation, thus supplying nutrients to the smallest capillaries. This is necessary to start skin repair processes. Effective burning of fat tissue is caused by increased body temperature resulting from the use of infrared light. Infrared thermal properties also have an analgesic and relaxing effect. They perfectly relax tensions and remove muscle pains.

Features of the massager:

  • simple and easy to use LCD control panel displaying information about the current position, time remaining to exercise, speed,
  • 300 W linear infrared emitters penetrate deep into the skin acting on multiple planes,
  • menu available in 5 languages,
  • appropriately shaped rollers, (choice of color: wooden, black, white),
  • 15 massage program positions,
  • calorie burn counter,
  • safety during exercises.


  • reduction of body fat,
  • firming of the connective tissue,
  • improvement in blood supply,
  • stimulation of the metabolism,
  • release of muscle tension, fascia release,
  • improving the figure after pregnancy,
  • relief from excessive stress,
  • regression and prevention of orange peel skin.

The functions of the machine are controlled by the user:

  • choice of exercise duration: 15-90 minutes,
  • choice of working mode with or without infrared,
  • during the massage, it is possible to smooth regulation of rotation speed, regulation of infrared intensity, and stopping the drum.

How to prepare for a massage?

  • long hair must be tied up,
  • clothes: tight leggings or sweatpants, socks which are necessary, t-shirt covering the whole stomach,
  • it is recommended to apply anti-cellulite, slimming or firming cream,
  • carry with you: 0.5-1.5 l of still water, a towel,
  • also think about creating a playlist with your favourite songs (it will certainly make your massage time more pleasant).

Personalise your massager

Choice of upholstery colour and texture. We offer you both smooth surfaces and elegant designs. The customer’s comfort and impression are most important. 

The massager is available with a side-mounted control panel.

Contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

Data sheet

Type of device
rollen massagers
Catalog number
L x W x H
75 x 110 x 75 cm
Product weight
93 kg
Max. load weight
130 kg