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Booty Builder Hack Squat

20.430 Netto
25.128 Brutto


The BOOTY BUILDER is the answer tailored for our clients that require reliability, durability, and design, which will catch the eye and increase gym attractiveness.


Booty Builder® Hack Squat innovative device that provides the highest level of training. The hack squat machine allows for a more targeted activation of the quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings, which can lead to better muscle development and strength gains.

  • compared to traditional barbell squats, the hack squat machine can help reduce the stress on the lower back. This can be beneficial for individuals who have lower back issues or who are recovering from an injury,
  • the hack squat machine can be used for a variety of exercises, including traditional hack squats, reverse hack squats, and single-leg variations, allowing for a wider range of training options,
  • controlled and stable movement,
  • locking mechanism and safety stop,
  • comfortable back support and shoulder pads,
  • non-slip, and easy adjustment platform for a stable and suitable training position,
  • unique design,
  • solid, comfortable upholstery.

In order to determine the details, please contact the Sales Department.

Type of device
strength machines
L x W x H
1990 x 1625 x 1271 mm
Product weight
235 kg
Catalog number

Personalizacja sprzętu - wyróżnij się


Malowanie wybranych elementów
  • kolory w cenie regeneracji: 9005, DB 703, podst. kolory RAL w półmacie i satynie
  • dopłata 5%: biała perła, żółty, RAL w połysku
  • indywidualna wycena: kolory poza paletą RAL, warstwa brokatu


Wybór koloru tapicerki i nici / wyszycie grafiki
  • w cenie regeneracji: materiały z gładkiej skóry syntetycznej
  • indywidualna wycena: tkaniny teksturowe (caro, pikowane), wyszycie grafiki


Osłona do maszyn ze stosem (TechnoGym Selection, Matrix G3)
  • 429zł netto / 1 urządzenie TechnoGym Selection
  • 559zł netto / 1 urządzenie Matrix G3

Wybierz nr z naszego wzornika lub wyślij swoją grafikę

Personalize your equipment - stand out


Painting selected elements
  • colours included in the regeneration price: 9005, DB 703, basic RAL colours in halfmat and satin

  • surcharge of 5%: pearl white, yellow, RAL glossy

  • individual pricing: colours outside RAL, glitter layer


Thread color selection / graphic embroidery
  • In the price of reconditioning: materials in smooth synthetic leather
  • individual pricing: textured fabrics (caro, quilted), embroidered graphics


Choosing the color and texture of the upholstery
  • 99€ netto / 1 TechnoGym Selection device

  • 129€ netto / 1 Matrix G3 device

Choose no. from our template or send your own artwork

Personalisieren Sie Ihre Ausrüstung – heben Sie sich ab


Ausgewählte Elemente bemalen
  • Farben, die im Preis der Personalisierung enthalten sind: 9005, DB 703, RAL-Grundfarben in halbmat und satiniert
  • Aufpreis von 5%: perlweiß, gelb, RAL glänzend
  • individuelle Preisgestaltung: Farben außerhalb RAL, Glitterschicht


Auswahl der Garnfarbe / grafische Stickerei
  • Im Preis der Personalisierung: Materialien aus glattem Kunstleder
  • individuelle Preisgestaltung: strukturierte Stoffe (caro, gesteppt), gestickte Grafiken


Auswahl der Farbe und Textur der Polsterung
  • 99€ netto / 1 TechnoGym Selection-Gerät
  • 129€ netto / 1 Matrix G3- Gerät

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