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NPG Track START-FINISH black (1.5 x 10 m) + recycled materials

15.243 9.965 Netto
12.256 Brutto




Sports flooring with length markings, ideal for intense training in the functional or CrossFit zone, e.g. while using a weighted sled. It is made from recycled materials. This means that we contribute to environmental protection by reusing resources and reducing waste. By using recycled plastics, our sports surface ensures the highest performance. Flexibility, cushioning, and grip are at the highest level, resulting in safe and effective training.

  • special START and FINISH markings and additional section markings allow you to easily check your training progress,
  • gym turf is the best flooring option for all activities in which the body weight is applied for training due to the highest grip, variable degrees of softness and being both easy to clean and easy to maintain,
  • At 250 stitches per meter we achieve an areal density equal to 50 000 knots per m², which is an outstanding sports grass fiber density for long usage times,
  • the combination of fibre and high grass density makes it abrasion-resistant and strong – perfect as a durable sports flooring,
  • pile height is 15 mm,
  • nothing is printed, each color is a separate fiber worked into the track,
  • all fibers and materials are sourced from Germany,
  • simple cleaning wet or by vacuum,
  • resistant to wear and sweat,
  • for indoor and outdoor use, UV resistant and perfect for outdoor training,
  • a certified shock absorption layer according to EN 1177 will increase safety,
  • material safety according to EN 71-3,
  • black color only available.

By choosing our sports surface, you are not only investing in your health and fitness, but also contributing to environmental protection.

In order to determine the details, please contact the Sales Department.

Type of device
1,5 x 10 m
recycled materials
Pile height
15 mm

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