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NPG FLOOR Rubber sports floor puzzle EPDM blue 10 mm

144 101 Netto
124 Brutto


NPG FLOOR – mats are manufactured to the highest world standards. All material used for production comes from recycling – SBR rubber granulate, which is bonded with polyurethane adhesive. Each element is controlled by the quality department, where the parameters of the products are measured – it allows us to be absolutely sure that the product offered by us will meet the expectations and the load. Rubber puzzle mats are an ideal choice for gyms, fitness clubs, gyms, playgrounds, shooting ranges, sports and recreation facilities as well as outside and inside buildings.



Rubber sports floor puzzle EPDM type:

  • has anti-slip properties,
  • protects the floor from damage,
  • neutral smell,
  • 100% repeatability of the shape of the puzzle,
  • easy assembly thanks to the use of jigsaw puzzles,
  • surface resistant to abrasion and impact,
  • reduces noise and vibrations,
  • easy to clean,
  • an excellent insulating layer,
  • resistant to weather conditions,
  • 1 mat = 1 m²,
  • dimensions: 100 x 100 cm,
  • thickness: 10 mm,
  • weight: 11 kg,
  • material: SBR rubber granulate + EPDM + polyurethane glue.

This floor is perfect for a fitness club, providing the ideal subfloor for strength and free weights areas, as well as cardio machines. It is also intended for CrossFit boxes. More and more individual customers are choosing this solution because of the quality of workmanship and ease of installation. Clubbers expect both functionality and unique design, which will additionally motivate them to achieve their individual goals. Thanks to 100% repeatability of the shape we have almost unlimited possibilities. The floor is compatible with a weightlifting platform and artificial grass puzzle (products available in our offer).

The unit price is the price for 1 m² (1 piece of mat).

Note! Minimum order is 100 m²! The shipment time is 4- 6 weeks.

Ask for straight and corner endings!

Type of device
L x W x H
100 x 100 x 1 cm
Product weight
10 kg
Tensile strength
1 MPa (PN-ISO 37)
Elongation at break
55 % (N-EN ISO 1798:2009)
60±5 oSha (ISO 7619-1)
Specific gravity
950±30 kg/m³ (PN-ISO 2781)
Dimension tolerance (length / width)
± 1 mm from the nominal value
Dimension tolerance (thickness)
± 1 mm from the nominal value

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