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NPG M-Line Wall Rig Classic Custom -1

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The multifunctional NPG M-Line wall-mounted training cage is an invaluable tool for all weightlifting enthusiasts. However, the benefits it offers go far beyond just squats. The main advantages of this cage are:

  • Versatility
    The NPG Wall Rig allows for a wide range of strength exercises. You can perform squats, jumps, pull-ups, deadlifts, and many other exercises. This means that with one device, you have access to various forms of training, allowing for comprehensive muscle development.
  • Functionality
    The cage’s special design allows for adjustments at any time. With the option to adjust the rack, it accommodates users of different heights. You can change the bars or add new accessories to the cage whenever you like. The openings in the profiles are laser-cut from four sides.
  • Stability, Durability, and Safety
    A sturdy steel frame, massive profiles with dimensions of 80x80x3 mm, thick plates of 6mm and 8mm ensure high stability during training. Additionally, the frame surface is coated with a durable powder paint layer, protecting it from scratches and abrasions. This means the rack is durable and will serve you for many years. The entire design has been engineered to meet European safety standards.
  • Universality
    Designed for various training locations, suitable for home gyms, garage gyms, strength training facilities, or sports gyms.
  • Compatibility
    The Wall Rig is compatible with many types of weight benches, allowing for a greater variety of exercises. You can perform bench presses, incline presses, shoulder presses, and many other exercises, expanding your training options.
  • Space-saving
    Wall-mounted installation allows for optimal use of available space. The construction is fixed to the wall, meaning it doesn’t occupy floor space, which is particularly valuable in rooms with limited space.
  • Integrated Pull-Up Bars
    This is an additional advantage of the rack, significantly enhancing its functionality. With the pull-up bar, you can perform pull-ups, leg raises, twists, and other upper body muscle-strengthening exercises.
  • Integrated Wall Ball Targets
    The Wall Ball Target is a versatile training tool that helps improve the accuracy and strength of throws. With the target, you can efficiently train in CrossFit, strength, endurance, coordination, and improve precision.
  • Integrated Handles for Ropes and Barbell
    Rope training focuses on strength and endurance and engages the entire body. You can perform various movements with a rope, such as whipping, lifting, pulling, dragging, twisting, jumping, and squats. Barbell rowing is an extremely effective exercise for increasing back strength and muscle mass.
  • Integrated dip bars
    Exercises involving lowering and lifting the body using dip bars focus on isolated muscle groups such as triceps, chest, shoulders, and abdominal muscles.
  • Personalization
    The option for full personalization is not just about appearance but also an expression of your individual style. By choosing a color from the RAL palette, your equipment will perfectly blend with the interior decor or club colors.

The NPG Wall Rig will help you achieve your fitness goals. Regardless of your fitness level, this rack ensures effective strength training for many muscle groups while maintaining full control over exercise safety.

In order to determine the details, please contact the Sales Department.

Type of device
multistations and functional trainers
L x W x H
432 x 145 x 313 cm

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