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LIFE FITNESS Discover SE3 HD upright bike

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Used equipment – the product in this condition is complete, working, cleaned, packed for dispatch or personal pickup. The product shows signs of use. We give no warranty for the product in this condition.

Refurbished equipment – the regeneration process in our company is professional and comprehensive. A remanufactured product is no different from a new one. Each machine receives a new varnish coat, which is made in our modern paint shop. Depending on the type of equipment, exchange for new or regenerate components of the product to restore the factory condition. We are sure of our regeneration process, therefore we provide a 6-month warranty with the option of extension for another 6 or 12 months (at extra charge). Check how we regenerate in 10 steps. The waiting time for regeneration is about 2-4 weeks.


The Life Fitness Discover SE3 HD Exercise Bike is a high-quality cardio training equipment that combines an appealing design with rich console entertainment options to engage users during their workout sessions. It is a professional-grade bike suitable for commercial use, making it an excellent choice for facilities seeking not only an aesthetic, modern look but also offering a wide array of features to captivate exercisers’ attention.

Key Features:

  • Training Comfort:
    Thanks to the adjustable seat, Wide Ride pedals, and Deluxe racing handles, users experience exceptional comfort while riding.
  • Advanced Screen Features:
    The 1080p touchscreen of the Discover SE3 HD provides access to various entertainment options, interactive training, internet connectivity, and many other functions that enhance the workout experience.
  • Proper Body Adjustment:
    The Comfort Curve™ adjustable seat with precise tilt and height adjustment ensures correct body positioning, increasing comfort and reducing pressure on joints.
  • Multiple Resistance Levels:
    With 26 resistance levels, users can easily adjust the workout intensity using the buttons on the handles.
  • Variety of Training Programs:
    The Discover SE3 HD console offers numerous built-in training programs, including classic ones, allowing users to customize workouts according to their preferences.
  • Accurate Heart Monitoring:
    Digital Lifepulse™ hand sensors placed on the handles and Polar® telemetry allow users to accurately monitor heart rate without using their hands.
  • Multilingual Support:
    With 22 available languages on the console, the equipment is tailored to users from various linguistic backgrounds.
  • Interactive Lifescape™ Routes:
    The ability to virtually explore famous places worldwide in high resolution adds an additional motivational element during workouts.
  • Additional Ergonomic Accessories:
    Wide Ride™ pedals with easily adjustable straps, front transport wheels for easy equipment movement, a tray for smartphone accessories, an iPad holder, a book stand, and two removable cup holders provide additional comfort and convenience during workouts.

In order to determine the details, please contact the Sales Department.

Type of device
upright bikes
L x W x H
111 x 53 x 151 cm
Product weight
80 kg
Max. user weight
181 kg

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