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NPG SOLO for weight stack machine (one stack price)

1.451 Netto
1.785 Brutto


Increase your club’s revenue with the intelligent SOLO system.


NPG SOLO is an innovative solution designed to revolutionize every exercise machine into intelligent fitness equipment, unlocking new potentials for your gym.

NPG SOLO serves as a comprehensive system fully compatible with various types of gym equipment (weight stack machines, cardio, or gates) This capability empowers your gym to attract fresh clientele by embracing cutting-edge technology, thereby distinguishing itself in the competitive fitness market.

The primary module facilitates the connection of machines with the Solo system, automatically gathering intricate training data. This data furnishes valuable insights for clients, aiding them in tracking progress and fueling their motivation for continued efforts.

Fitness_Club_24_NPG_SOLO   Fitness_Club_24_NPG_SOLO

The user application streamlines device usage, enabling real-time automatic tracking of training data and simplifying the planning and scheduling of workouts. It extends versatile support for both newcomers and seasoned gym enthusiasts.

Here’s how to make use of NPG SOLO:

  • Scan the QR code on the machine or download the app from the app store.
  • Tap the SOLO button within the app.
  • Position your smartphone near the SOLO module.
  • Monitor your workouts.

With the NPG SOLO navigation dashboard, your staff can gather valuable insights about the gym and its patrons, enabling them to compare and analyze all club-related data effortlessly. Generating detailed reports on gym and machine performance becomes more straightforward than ever.

Moreover, NPG SOLO serves as a comprehensive tool for trainers, facilitating the tracking and analysis of client progress, fostering communication, and enabling the creation of personalized training and diet plans. These features collectively enhance the effectiveness of a trainer’s work.

By embracing the intelligent NPG SOLO system, your gym can gain a competitive advantage, transforming it into a space where every individual can strive towards and achieve their fitness aspirations.

NPG SOLO represents a cutting-edge fitness solution that not only enhances the gym experience but also offers a plethora of advantages for club managers:

  • Added incentives for gym-goers: Providing extra rewards for consistent workouts serves as a powerful motivator, fostering member loyalty.
  • Beginner-friendly workout plans: Pre-built training routines cater specifically to newcomers, encouraging them to stick with their fitness journey.
  • Diverse array of training options: With a wide range of programs available, individuals can find workouts tailored to their specific goals and preferences, attracting a more diverse clientele.
  • Equipment utilization insights: Detailed usage data enables managers to identify which machines are in high demand and plan maintenance accordingly.
  • Interactive gaming features: Engaging gaming elements, complete with leaderboards, encourage social interaction among members and serve as effective promotional tools.
  • Strategic scheduling optimization: By analyzing peak usage times, managers can schedule additional activities or increase staff presence during busy periods to enhance the member experience.
  • Insights across multiple locations: Access to usage data from various club branches allows managers to optimize resource allocation and marketing efforts across the board.
  • Appeal to personal trainers: Access to top-notch equipment and an engaged member base makes the club an attractive workplace for skilled trainers, benefitting both the trainers and the club.

ATTENTION! The price listed for the NPG SOLO product does not include the monthly subscription fee, which is an additional cost to consider.

Monthly subscription for 1 club software C cloud cost (one month, one club):

  • up to 30 Machines – 220€
  • up to 50 Machines – 270€
  • up to 75 Machines – 330€
  • up to 100 Machines – 390€
  • up to 150 Machines – 450€
  • up to200 Machines – 520€

Promotion!! First month of subscription for FREE!!”

Link to NPG SOLO subscription

Ask the sales department for details.

Type of device
SOLO system

Personalizacja sprzętu - wyróżnij się


Malowanie wybranych elementów
  • kolory w cenie regeneracji: 9005, DB 703, podst. kolory RAL w półmacie i satynie
  • dopłata 5%: biała perła, żółty, RAL w połysku
  • indywidualna wycena: kolory poza paletą RAL, warstwa brokatu


Wybór koloru tapicerki i nici / wyszycie grafiki
  • w cenie regeneracji: materiały z gładkiej skóry syntetycznej
  • indywidualna wycena: tkaniny teksturowe (caro, pikowane), wyszycie grafiki


Osłona do maszyn ze stosem (TechnoGym Selection, Matrix G3)
  • 429zł netto / 1 urządzenie TechnoGym Selection
  • 559zł netto / 1 urządzenie Matrix G3

Wybierz nr z naszego wzornika lub wyślij swoją grafikę

Personalize your equipment - stand out


Painting selected elements
  • colours included in the regeneration price: 9005, DB 703, basic RAL colours in halfmat and satin

  • surcharge of 5%: pearl white, yellow, RAL glossy

  • individual pricing: colours outside RAL, glitter layer


Thread color selection / graphic embroidery
  • In the price of reconditioning: materials in smooth synthetic leather
  • individual pricing: textured fabrics (caro, quilted), embroidered graphics


Choosing the color and texture of the upholstery
  • 99€ netto / 1 TechnoGym Selection device

  • 129€ netto / 1 Matrix G3 device

Choose no. from our template or send your own artwork

Personalisieren Sie Ihre Ausrüstung – heben Sie sich ab


Ausgewählte Elemente bemalen
  • Farben, die im Preis der Personalisierung enthalten sind: 9005, DB 703, RAL-Grundfarben in halbmat und satiniert
  • Aufpreis von 5%: perlweiß, gelb, RAL glänzend
  • individuelle Preisgestaltung: Farben außerhalb RAL, Glitterschicht


Auswahl der Garnfarbe / grafische Stickerei
  • Im Preis der Personalisierung: Materialien aus glattem Kunstleder
  • individuelle Preisgestaltung: strukturierte Stoffe (caro, gesteppt), gestickte Grafiken


Auswahl der Farbe und Textur der Polsterung
  • 99€ netto / 1 TechnoGym Selection-Gerät
  • 129€ netto / 1 Matrix G3- Gerät

Wählen Sie eine Nummer aus unserer Musterkarte oder senden Sie Ihre eigene