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High-class components and accessories for cardio devices.

Under our NPG brand, we offer high-quality accessories and components such as treadmill belts, grease, treadmill pads and many more. Each product is made with due diligence and durability, which is necessary when working in a club or gym. Operating for many years in the fitness industry, we have gained the necessary experience that allows us to create our own products as well as solutions that save our clients time and money. Example? Often, customers paid attention to the cracked floor under the treadmill, which with its weight and the weight of the runner was able to deform or damage the ground - our answer to this problem is even armored race pads, their shape and material dissipate weight while protecting the floor. It is also worth paying attention to the treadmill belts. They are designed from A to Z, from the best materials - the effect is that they withstand exactly as much as the original belt and cost much less.

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